White and UV LED uplight
Two white and one UV LED in self-made LED uplight.

In my old apartment I built four of these uplights and mounted them on my living room wall, in an upward line. They didn’t really produce that much light, but it gave a cool effect on the wall. Especially the white and UV together kind of looked like a propane flame. Powered by: 5V.

I experimented with different colors in the center; red was also very cool. In the parts list there are both UV and red LEDs, with appropriate resistors.

  • UV = 100 Ohm
  • Red = 150 Ohm

Read more about how to calculate the required resistor for an LED here: LED Resistor Calculator.

I controlled the lights and colors with a home-made controller, I’ll write about that later…

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Project: Uplights with white and UV/red 5mm LEDs by Thomas Jensen is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0 with attribution required.

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  •   Created Jan 29, 2007
  •   Last modified 3 weeks ago
  •   Project status: Completed