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Warning strobe light controller

The warning lights controller has two PWM driven outputs, that each can handle a load of 3 amps. It has five sequences, and can be set on a single sequence or to cycle through. When selecting a sequence manually it is stored in EEPROM and continues on power-up. Much of the hardware and software is based on the Emergency strobe light project. Can be used to drive the Warning lights with 10mm LEDs project. Powered by: 9-24V.


Warning strobe light controller for car

On my old car, a Subaru Legacy, I built and installed warning lights on all sides. Never really used them, but it was a fun build. I had a total of 8 LED warning lights, all around the car. The lights on the side was used as side markers when not flashing. I originally used the red break light as the rear warning light, but later replaced it with two self-built warning lights.


Warning lights with 10mm LEDs

Four very simple LED warning lights, with a total of 10 LEDs; 2x2 and 2x3. The yellow LEDs have four chips, making them pretty bright. And with a 40 degree light beam they are quite visible, even more so at a distance. So they make pretty good warning lights. Powered by: 12-13.8V.


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