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Mood light using 3W Prolight RGB LED

This mood light consists of a Prolight RGB 3W LED, a heat sink and four rubber feet. The four rubber feet form a base on which e.g. a glass ball, or something else transparent can be placed. It will be lit up by the LED and looks pretty cool. Powered by: 5V.


Mood light (RBG) with 100 mA outputs

This simple mood light controller has three PWM controlled channels; red, green and blue. Each capable of delivering 100 mA, or about five LEDs. This can easily be improved by using a more powerful transistor. I’ve used 3x3 LEDs soldered to a tiny circuit board as the light source, and placed them inside a frosted glass. A better solution would be to use a powerful RBG LED. Just remember to use another transistor if you want to use bigger LEDs.


Mood light (RGB) controller with 500mA outputs

The mood light controller can control all kinds of RGB light, max 500mA pr. channel. The module has no voltage regulator and therefore needs 5V=, and enough current to drive the circuit and the connected LEDs. It very slowly cycles through different colors, fading one LED up or down leaving the previous LED turned on. The module can power Prolight LEDs, like Mood light using 3W Prolight RGB LED.


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