WiFi MQTT controlled relay for Home Assistant

I’ve been wanting to use a ESP8266 WiFi module in a project for some time now, and after reading about the WeMos board I figured this was the easiest way to get started. The WeMos D1 mini is quite small, and much easier to interact with and program than the ESP8266 devices. So I built this single relay controller, with internal temperature reporting. I am communicating with it using MQTT, which makes it really easy to implement it into things like Home Assistant.


Simple lights/relays controller with 3 channels

This was one of the first modules installed in the The Rack Box project, I used it to control some lights and the sub-woofer in my old apartment. It had three operator panels; in the living room, entryway and as part of the Rack Box status panel. Momentary switches were used to either show the status, or if held for more than one second, toggle the outputs.


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