10mm LED downlight
A high power 10mm LED in a self-made downlight.

In my old apartment I used these small dot lights under shelves above my desk. If mounted close to the wall they give a cool cone effect, not terribly bright but pretty decorative and not intrusive. And they are really easy to make; one LED, resistor and a small plastic box, 10 minutes, tops. Powered by: 5V.

LED downlight window
A powerful LED mounted in a small plastic case, used as downlight in a window post.

They also fit nicely at the top of a window frame, shining light down on the window post. Here is an image example using a 5mm LED.

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Project: LED dot light with 10mm LED by Thomas Jensen is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0 with attribution required.

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  •   Created Mar 03, 2007
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