Kitchen cabinet with LED lights
Kitchen cabinet lit by self-made LED lights.

In my old apartment, and before LED lights were cheap and everywhere, I build my own LED down-lights and put then in my kitchen cabinet. Two lights, each with four warm-white 10mm high-intensity LEDs, and a simple fuse and switch box. Powered by a 5 V AC adapter.

The LEDs had four chips, making them pretty bright, and they had a wide beam angle. At 10 lumens on each LED they weren’t flood lights exactly, but pretty good as cabinet lights.

They would have looked much better if embedded in the cabinet ceiling, I think I’m going to do that the next time…

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Project: Kitchen cabinet lights with 10mm LEDs by Thomas Jensen is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0 with attribution required.

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  •   Created Jan 07, 2008
  •   Last modified 3 weeks ago
  •   Project status: Completed