Bias lighting TV
TV with bias lighting with LED strip.

Bias lighting is, simply put, to light up the wall behind a monitor or TV. This creates a glow around the screen and, supposedly, creates a more comfortable and high contrast viewing experience. I made my bias lighting simply by sticking a LED-strip behind the TV.

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The ideal color temperature for this light is approximately 6500K. But I found that to be a bit too “cold”, since I use it as a decoration light as well as a bias light. So I went with something a bit warmer, natural white as it was called, with a temperature of 4200K.

It really does make watching TV more enjoyable, and now it feels really weird to watch TV without it… You’ll find the LED-strip I used in the parts list below. The LED-strip is really bright, so I run mine with a 9 volts AC adapter.

You can read more about bias lighting here: What bias lighting is and why you should be using it

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Project: Bias lighting for TV using LED-strip by Thomas Jensen is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0 with attribution required.

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