Mood-light controller, with lid removed
Mood-light controller with lid removed, circuit board visible.

The mood light controller can control all kinds of RGB light, max 500mA pr. channel. The module has no voltage regulator and therefore needs 5V=, and enough current to drive the circuit and the connected LEDs. It very slowly cycles through different colors, fading one LED up or down leaving the previous LED turned on. The module can power Prolight LEDs, like Mood light using 3W Prolight RGB LED.

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The controller very slowly cycles through colors, fading one LED at the time. It happens so slowly that it’s hard to notice the change at all.

  1. Fade in blue color in about 12 seconds (only on first start up).
  2. Increase red.
  3. Decrease blue.
  4. Increase green.
  5. Decrease red.
  6. Increase blue.
  7. Decrease green.
  8. Go to step #2.

The fade time for each color is random and varies between 1 and 3 minutes, and changes between each fade.

A bit of history

Prior to firmware version 1.2 the mood light controller had different light patterns that was controlled with the four DIP switches:

  1. Pause between color change (long/short)
  2. Fade speed when changing color (long/short)
  3. Color change fade (on/off)
  4. Color mode (one color/multi color) 1

1 One color means that one color is stable at the time, this gives three colors. Multi color has two stable color at the time, and this gives six colors (red, yellow, green, cyan, blue and purple).

After using the light for a few years, I hadn’t changed the light pattern once… And I would like for it to be more subtle. I made a new pattern, and didn’t bother spending time to write code for the DIP switches I wasn’t using anyways.



  1. PC.2 DIP-Switch 1 (Not used from v1.2)
  2. PC.3 DIP-Switch 2 (Not used from v1.2)
  3. PC.4 DIP-Switch 3 (Not used from v1.2)
  4. PC.5 DIP-Switch 4 (Not used from v1.2)


  1. PB.1 (OC1A) Red LED (PWM)
  2. PB.2 (OC1B) Green LED (PWM)
  3. PB.3 (OC2) Blue LED (PWM)

Connector for LEDs

To make it easy to attach and detach lights, the module has a connector for the RGB light.

Mood-light RGB connector
Pluggable terminal block for mood-light RGB lights.


Schematic drawing

Mood light controller circuit
Schematic drawing for the mood-light controller; with AVR ATmega8. RGB LEDs not included.

Source code


Turn any RGB LED into a mood light with this controller, written with BASCOM-AVR.

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Project: Mood light (RGB) controller with 500mA outputs by Thomas Jensen is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0 with attribution required.

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