Emergency strobe light front with LEDs
Emergency strobe light complete, showing front with all 33 LEDs mounted and wired.

The emergency strobe light consists of 33 high intensive 5 mm LEDs and control circuit. It has four sequences, and can be set on a single sequence or to cycle through every fifth second. When selecting a sequence manually it is stored in EEPROM and continues on power-up. If an external controlling unit is plugged in; the internal sequences will stop and the external unit is in control. This makes it possible to synchronize multiple units. LEDs are driven by a PWM output, module is powered by 9-24V.

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  1. Flashing with fade
  2. 3 x strobe, pause
  3. Random pause strobe
  4. Strobe


Input pins

  1. PD.0 : Automatic mode change
  2. PD.1 : Manual mode change
  3. PD.2 : External controller: available
  4. PD.3 : External controller: pulse constant
  5. PD.4 : External controller: pulse fade

Output pins

  1. PB.0 : Mode 1
  2. PB.1 : Mode 2
  3. PB.3 : LEDs (PWM)
  4. PB.5 : Mode 3
  5. PB.6 : Mode 4
  6. PB.7 : External Mode

D-Sub 9-pin connector

Backside of the emergency strobe
Back of the emergency strobe, with sequence selector and indicator, power and external signal connectors.
  1. 12/13.8 V +
  2. 5 V +
  3. GND
  4. Trigger on/off
  5. Trigger fade on/off
  6. Trigger common +
  7. External controller available (N.O)
  8. External controller available (N.O)


Schematic drawing

Emergency strobe light circuit
Schematic drawing for the emergency strobe light module; with AVR ATtiny2313.

Source code


33 high intensity LEDs with four flashing patterns, written with BASCOM-AVR.

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1 1 0 v1.0 Visual Basic 5 months ago

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Project: Emergency strobe light by Thomas Jensen is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0 with attribution required.

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