This news post was published 1 year ago, so it's getting old... And news are best served fresh.

Just checking in… :) Here are some recently implemented site changes and updates:

  • Some parts now have links to their datasheets, obsolete parts list their replacement and parts quantity is shown with unit on project part lists.
  • View filters are now marked as active when they are turned on.
  • Images in galleries can now be browsed in the light box with previous and next buttons.
  • The image page have now been removed and redirects to the image file, image uses in listed below the thumbnail instead.
  • Turned Disqus comments back on, read why here.
  • Some layout and styling changes; font and line height increased on posts, moved the table of content, moved away from having two columns on the home page.
  • Improved part descriptions and updated old and obsolete part supplier URLs.
  • Fixed a pretty decent number of bugs.

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