Categories or tags
Categories, tags, or both?

One of the first tables I created when I started work on this site was categories; of course posts and images needed a category. I then added a tags table and went on with my day. So posts and images could have one category and multiple tags. Great!

Well… Maybe not… As soon as I started adding content I realized that categorizing things is really hard… Yeah, somethings are clear-cut; like a project with an AVR microcontroller. But what about if a project has both an AVR microcontroller and an Arduino board?

I recently realized that my categories were not at all useful, they were more and more like square pegs in round holes. So I removed them. That I am left with is tags; and tags, when used consistently, is awesome! Projects fitting multiple categories is no longer a problem, they just get tagged with what they are. That means that some projects will show up under multiple indexes, like AVR and Light. But I like that, because they might be relevant in both.

tldr: I’ve removed categories, and improved navigation by tags! Yeay!

  •   Last modified 1 month ago