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Creating a good and fast search for your website is difficult, and very time consuming. Stop words, relevance, word weight and spelling errors…

I used full text search for a long time; but it’s far from perfect. It does handle stop words, but I found the relevance sorting to be less than ideal. And it does not at all tolerate misspellings.

Then I discovered Algolia!

Algolia is a Hosted Search API that delivers instant and relevant results from the first keystroke, as they put it, and it really does. You simply push all objects that should be searchable to their server, tweak a couple of settings and use one of their java-scripts client libraries. Yeah, it’s that easy! I use the Laravel package, but there are tons of other integrations as well.

They do have a free plan, and it’s quite generous; 10,000 records and 100,000 operations per month. They do require that you display the Algolia logo next to the search results, like I have done on my search page, but that is only fair. Their paid plans range from $49 to $649 per month. See all plans and pricing here.

So the search page on this site now delivers instant and relevant results as your are typing, all thanks to Algolia.

Big up from me!

Update August 2017

I no longer use Algolia on the site, mainly because I outgrew their free plan when I started utilizing search more. And the paid packages are just way out of my price range. Now I am using Elasticsearch, I wrote a news post about it.

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