This news post was published 3 years ago, so it's getting old... And news are best served fresh.

It’s been a long time since my last project. A lot has happened in my personal life, the biggest you can see on the image below. This have (naturally) taken a huge bite out of my spare time, but is also very rewarding :)

My twin boys
My beautiful twin boys :)

We’ve moved a couple of times, and all my tools and parts are packed away at a storage unit at the moment. But we are in the process of moving once again, and this time into our newly purchased family home.

I have secured myself a room in the basement to convert to a workshop/man cave (the girl friend gave the thumbs-up) :) So I will slowly start to rekindle my electronics hobby, but first I will populate this site with everything from my old Wiki page. And probably do some home repairs :)

Who am I you ask?

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