I’ve been hosing my projects on uctrl.net since 2009, back then I was using MediaWiki and it looked something like this. A few years ago the site was moved to www.uctrl.net, and now it is uctrl.io. So why the moves?

First; let’s have a quick look on how cookies are set on a naked domain. When you serve your site on a naked domain, like uctrl.net, the cookies are set for that domain and all sub domains. You can read more about that here.

This meant that I could not serve my statics from a cookie-less sub-domain while my site was hosted at uctrl.net, and this is the reason I chose to add www a few years back. This solved the cookie-less domain issue, but aesthetically I still preferred uctrl.net over www.uctrl.net.

I noticed that the .io top-level domain was becoming increasingly popular, and it seemed like a good fit for my site, you know; input/output, so about six months ago I bought uctrl.io. And after some procrastination I have finally made the move to the new domain.

This means that I can use uctrl.io only for the website itself, and put all other (network -> .net) services on uctrl.net. And not worry about cookies from the website, being set where they don’t belong. And uctrl.io looks cool… So; winning!

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