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I’ve had all my private repositories on BitBucket for a number of years, but all my public/open source projects on GitHub. But after GitHub announced unlimited private repositories I figured it was time to leave BitBucket behind.

Now; BitBucket is a wonderful service, and you can have unlimited private repos for free! But I have to admit that I like the UI and community on GitHub more, a lot more actually.

After moving the entire repository and issue list to GitHub I also implemented a new way of deploying…

Instead of taking the site down and uploading new files over SSH, like I used to do, I now build the new version of the site in a separate folder. And simply replace the web document root folder once the build is complete. That means that I can deploy without any downtime, pretty sweet! A site notification is shown to let users know that a new version has been deployed.

You can see my deployment script on GitHub Gist.

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