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Images are a big part of the web and, according to Http Archive, 64% of the average bytes per page are images. So optimized images are definitely a big factor when it comes to site performance and weight. However; finding the balance between filesize and quality can be difficult, enter!

I am proud to announce some massive improvements to our images, here are the biggest changes:

  • All images are now optimized and resized by, this means better quality images with the lowest possible file size. Sized images are lossy compressed, while the original image file is lossless.
  • Now using Magnific Popup to show images, larger image (when available) and much better user experience we think.
  • Size templates and file names have been updated; the original image file URL is unchanged, everything else has a new scheme.

Also; all our high quality images have been uploaded in even higher quality.

Update August 2017

I no longer use, instead I use Imgix. They optimize and resize my images on the fly. So I don’t have to worry about the logic of compressing, storing and managing it. Quite a lot of business logic involved in that. I wrote a short news post about it.

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