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I’ve been using Disqus for comments on this site since it launched, never been happy with it though. However it did work, and it did allow me to implement comments with minimum effort.

I’ve been playing with the idea of writing a commenting system myself for some time, and about three weeks ago I got started. Today I am happy to announce that the new code has been pushed to the production server last night :)

There are a number of reasons why I chose to get rid of Disqus, and write my own implementation:

  • Disqus pulled in more external resources than I liked.
  • I didn’t feel I “owned” the comments submitted to Disqus.
  • If I changed the thumbnail or description of a post; Disqus didn’t pick up on that.
  • I wanted to integrate comments more closely into the site framework.
  • Writing my own seemed like a challenge; and I like challenges.

There are still have a few things I plan to implement; like the ability to subscribe to replies, and a way of notifying readers if a comment was posted to the page they are on.

You can see an example of the new commenting system here.

Hope you like it, happy commenting! :)

Update August 2nd, 2016

After using the self-written commenting system for a while, I have reactivated Disqus on this site. For a couple of reasons. First; I wanted to focus my time on electronic projects and more important parts of the site. Second; there was still so much to do to complete the commenting system, and I just don’t have the time to do it. So… Disqus! The comments don’t load until the user explicitly clicks a “Show Disqus comments” button, so they are not degrading the performance of the site.

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