Keeping it simple stupid 1 week ago

I first started writing code for this site over three years ago, and during that time I’ve added and implemented a lot of functionality. But lately I’ve been doing the opposite, I’ve been removing and simplifying. It all comes down to priorities really; time is a luxury when you have a full time job and two (soon to be three) kids. So I want to focus on things that are productive, and of course fun!


Elasticsearch, Imgix and new URL structure 7 months ago

Three big things have happened on the site lately;

  • Searching have been switched from Algolia to Elasticsearch.
  • Images are now processed and served by Imgix.
  • URL structure have been replaced.

New domain;! 10 months ago

I’ve been hosing my projects on since 2009, back then I was using MediaWiki and it looked something like this. A few years ago the site was moved to, and now it is So why the moves?


Tag based navigation FTW! 11 months ago

One of the first tables I created when I started work on this site was categories; of course posts and images needed a category. I then added a tags table and went on with my day. So posts and images could have one category and multiple tags. Great!

Well… Maybe not… As soon as I started adding content I realized that categorizing things is really hard… Yeah, somethings are clear-cut; like a project with an AVR microcontroller. But what about if a project has both an AVR microcontroller and an Arduino board?


Moved from BitBucket to GitHub, and new deployment 1 year ago

I’ve had all my private repositories on BitBucket for a number of years, but all my public/open source projects on GitHub. But after GitHub announced unlimited private repositories I figured it was time to leave BitBucket behind.

Now; BitBucket is a wonderful service, and you can have unlimited private repos for free! But I have to admit that I like the UI and community on GitHub more, a lot more actually.

After moving the entire repository and issue list to GitHub I also implemented a new way of deploying…


Major improvements to images 1 year ago

Images are a big part of the web and, according to Http Archive, 64% of the average bytes per page are images. So optimized images are definitely a big factor when it comes to site performance and weight. However; finding the balance between filesize and quality can be difficult, enter!


Searching is difficult, enter Algolia 1 year ago

Creating a good and fast search for your website is difficult, and very time consuming. Stop words, relevance, word weight and spelling errors…

I used full text search for a long time; but it’s far from perfect. It does handle stop words, but I found the relevance sorting to be less than ideal. And it does not at all tolerate misspellings.

Then I discovered Algolia!


Bye bye Disqus, hello custom commenting system 1 year ago

I’ve been using Disqus for comments on this site since it launched, never been happy with it though. However it did work, and it did allow me to implement comments with minimum effort.

I’ve been playing with the idea of writing a commenting system myself for some time, and about three weeks ago I got started. Today I am happy to announce that the new code has been pushed to the production server last night :)


New website launched! 3 years ago

For many years I hosted all of my electronics and micro controller projects on this URL, using the MediaWiki application. Life happened and the site was taken down, and has been down for about a year. Now it’s coming back up! :)


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