Getting the Raspberry Pi ready for IoT

There are a few things we need to do with the Raspberry Pi single-board computer before using it in IoT projects. Here is a short guide of that I typically do, mostly as a reminder to myself; but it might be of use to others as well :) This article assumes that the Raspberry Pi will be headless, so no GUI.


Getting started with the AVR microcontroller series

AVR is a series of microcontrollers from Atmel. Fitted with A/D converters, comparators, timers, interrupts, internal oscillator, etc. Flash memory is used for the main program, SDRAM for variables and EEPROM for values that needs to be saved through a power loss. Cheap, fast and easy make them perfect for home automation projects. Speeds up to 20 Mhz, USART (e.g. RS-232, RS-485) and low power consumption are some other benefits. A starting kit such as the STK500 is a good basis, with this you can test and program a variety of devices. A full list of developing tools can be found at


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