Hi, and welcome to my playground. I'm Thomas and on this page I write about my hobbies; electronics, microcontrollers, programming, computer stuff and pretty much anything I find fascinating.

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User page: My homelab New

I’ve had a server rack for quite a long time, I first got it back in 2011. But I didn’t really go all in, I basically just used it as a shelf to put some computer equipment. Well, lately I’ve been doing a lot more than that! The homelab rack sits in my home office, just left of me as I type this text. Because of that I’ve been focused on keeping the noise as low as possible; for that reason I’ve built the computers myself instead of buying second-hand rack servers. I’ve tried, but they sound like turbo engines.


Blog post: Keeping it simple stupid New

I first started writing code for this site over three years ago, and during that time I’ve added and implemented a lot of functionality. But lately I’ve been doing the opposite, I’ve been removing and simplifying. It all comes down to priorities really; time is a luxury when you have a full time job and two (soon to be three) kids. So I want to focus on things that are productive, and of course fun!


A pick from our popular projects

Fan and temperature controller with LCD

Reads temperature and controls a fan using a PWM output, fan and alarm set point can be adjusted and is shown on a LCD. Uses an AVR ATmega8 microcontroller.


Mood light (RBG) with 100 mA outputs

Simple mood light controller with three PWM channels, max 100 mA output pr channel. Uses the AVR ATmega8 microcontroller.


Warning strobe light controller

Two channel strobe light controller, using the AVR ATtiny2313 microcontroller. Five flashing patterns that can be selected manually or cycled through. PWM output.


Ikea kids play kitchen LED lighting

Installing some lights in Ikea kids play kitchen, using a cheap LED-strip from eBay.


Security keypad with programmable PIN

Keypad with programmable PIN code, two outputs (modes) and protection against repeated incorrect PINs. Uses an AVR ATtiny2313 microcontroller.

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Who am I?

I am Thomas, and Hebron, a programming and electronics enthusiast. I've been doing electronics projects for about 10 years, using the AVR micro controller. The last couple of years programming has really peaked my interest, especially C#, Python and PHP. I live in Norway with my girl friend and our two twin boys. You can read more about me on my profile page.